Global Card Solutions Inc.

Information Builders sets the standard for enterprise business intelligence and reporting by adhering to the same mission: WebFOCUS, their flagship product, is a fully integrated enterprise business intelligence suite (EBIS) that enables customers to make better decisions based on complete information by providing more access to more data sources and running on more platforms than any other vendor. GlobeCard is an InfoElite Partner to Information builders.


Experian is a global information solutions company. Experian also provides U.S. consumers with tools and services to help them understand, manage and protect their personal credit profiles.

Experian-Scorex developed Strategy Management to provide ultimate flexibility in defining and implementing business strategies and managing decisions at every step in the customer lifecycle. Strategy Management brings together the latest application and behavioral scoring techniques, segmentation, portfolio analysis, strategy experimentation, simulation, optimization and strategic consultancy.

Many of GlobeCard's clients utilize Experian's reporting systems. GlobeCard has extensive knowledge in installation, integration and usage maximization of these products.