Global Card Solutions Inc.


Strategic Review and Direction: Where are you heading? Where are your competitors heading? What are the trends/fads in Payment Processing? Let us help you answer these questions, produce studies, market/country evaluations, competitor analysis.

Operational Review: Is your operations area the best and most efficient?
Let us perform a detailed review, compare it to others, provide recommendations, implement changes, re-train your staff.

Business Case Preparation:  Let us write, assist, support or manage the business case process. We can provide financial models/co-ordinate the document, present the options.

Product Evaluation: Looking to upgrade, convert, migrate, out-source, in-source; let us write the proposal, evaluate responses, provide comparative analysis, recommendations.

Contract Negotiations:  Let us assist you in discussions and negotiations with software vendors, service providers, third parties, internal departments, including software contracts and service level agreements. Globe Card can work with you to ensure that you are getting the right agreement in place.